Journey to Wholeness

On this powerful 6-week Coaching Program you will be gently guided on an insightful and transformational journey of self-acceptance.


Online coaching program to personal transformation

It is unfortunate that many people live life operating out of a backdrop of fear, insecurity, and low self-esteem.

In an effort to cope they have learned to suppress feelings and put limits on what they can say, see or do and as a result they become reactive rather than responsive to life.

Despite the fact that they may know what the right thing to do is, they cannot reach that point emotionally and so end up resorting to people pleasing, blaming others , distracting themselves or shutting down all in an effort to cope, to survive.

The problem with that is, in their effort to cope they tend to shut themselves off from their own life force.

If this resonates with you then perhaps The Journey to Wholeness Program is for you.

On this powerful 6-week Coaching Program you will be gently guided on an insightful and transformational journey of self-acceptance.

As you make your way you will be encouraged to tune in to your authentic self to access and awaken your natural resources of acceptance, choice and change.

And as you increase your degrees of self-awareness you will learn how to free yourself from the burden of old scripts, inappropriate belief systems handed to you by others or those created by you in another time because of the circumstances you faced back then.

This process will demonstrate that it is possible to live your life with ease and that it is possible to free yourself from that inner discomfort that has underpinned much of your life.

This journey will open you up to a greater understanding of the forces that have ‘made’ you and give you back access to the life force that shapes you so that you can begin the  rest of your life with the freedom of spirit that you were born with.

This program is not about forcing you to change by pushing you out of your comfort zone and breaking through boundaries.

This program is about removing that which no longer fits and giving you access to your own unique expression of self. The version of you that does not need to compete, perform, explain or subscribe to anyone else’s rule’s, desires and expectations other than your own.

This program promises to be one of the most powerful personal transformational programs you will ever experience in your life!


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Journey to Wholeness is a 6-week online coaching program of 1 hour per week. Investment is €990 for 6 sessions
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Journey to Wholeness Online Coaching Program


(€165 / session)

"The poet Emerson Said: "Knowledge eliminates fear". NLP has given me knowledge & workable tools that have cut right through my long held fears that kept me stuck. I know longer need theory, but something that puts power back into my hands - practical, usable power. NLP gave me what my extended library of self help books never gave me, it gave me back me."

CHRISTINA O’ROURKE, Counsellor/Lecturer

"The Business Practitioner was one of the most exciting and refreshing courses I have ever attended, I feel I have pressed the reset button for the rest of my life both professionally and personally. The course has provided me with the skills and techniques which not only enhanced my communication but my interpersonal skills as well. I have never been so optimistic about life in general, long may it continue."

CAROLINE O’LEARY, Training Manager

"I've learned an awful lot from Brian Colbert and he's made my life better along the way. His skills in creating change are phenomenal. That change could be learning vital skills or overcoming past issues and feelings that drag you down. If you want to develop your skills or overcome a difficulty I'd highly recommend Brian."

JOHN PRENDERGAST, Business Coach & Founder of High Impact Academy