One to One

Online Coaching

If you feel that you are not operating at your best as often as you would like to be, then you could benefit from some one to one online coaching.


I’m here to help you

If you are interested in following your desires, dreams and ambitions or in finding out how far can you go, or how much more of you is there that is as of yet untapped, then if you allow me I will be happy to show you how to get there. 

Whether your goal is for personal or professional development we can work on developing skills and knowledge to help you with both.

Coaching is an exciting profession that can help you to transform your life in a positive way, however not all obstacles or challenges succumb to the power of Coaching and some are in need a little therapy.

Fortunately, in addition to my NLP qualifications I am also a qualified Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, and Social Psychologist so I am confident I can help no matter whatever issues arise and if I can’t which is rare I invariably know someone who can.

So if you are ready to make some profound changes in how you engage with life and if you want to develop your capacity for resilience and to draw more success and happiness towards you then I would love to chat with you so that we can begin as soon as you are ready.


Easy 3-step booking process



Coaching can take as long as you wish and as long as you are getting a benefit.
Investment is €165 per session.



If you want we can proceed on a session by session basis or alternatively we can work to a 4 / 6 / 8 week program.


Enter your payment details and proceed to book. Once we receive the booking, we will reach out to you and follow up with a confirmation.


One to One Coaching Sessions


"The poet Emerson Said: "Knowledge eliminates fear". NLP has given me knowledge & workable tools that have cut right through my long held fears that kept me stuck. I know longer need theory, but something that puts power back into my hands - practical, usable power. NLP gave me what my extended library of self help books never gave me, it gave me back me."

CHRISTINA O’ROURKE, Counsellor/Lecturer

"The Business Practitioner was one of the most exciting and refreshing courses I have ever attended, I feel I have pressed the reset button for the rest of my life both professionally and personally. The course has provided me with the skills and techniques which not only enhanced my communication but my interpersonal skills as well. I have never been so optimistic about life in general, long may it continue."

CAROLINE O’LEARY, Training Manager

"I've learned an awful lot from Brian Colbert and he's made my life better along the way. His skills in creating change are phenomenal. That change could be learning vital skills or overcoming past issues and feelings that drag you down. If you want to develop your skills or overcome a difficulty I'd highly recommend Brian."

JOHN PRENDERGAST, Business Coach & Founder of High Impact Academy