The Cynical Optimists

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This book does not claim to have all the answers to life’s woes but instead Brian & Owen offer their knowledge and their experience of working on themselves in times of challenge from what they know.

Both Brian and Owen claim that if you bring your sense of humour to the table and if you refuse to take everything at face value and remain a little cynical but also open enough to remain positive and optimistic you will most always find a way.

The talk therapies can be useful but there is no replacement for action. Action is king!

‘’Come join us and become part of The Cynical Optimists Cult?’’

Cynical Optimism calls for the reader to challenge accepted norms and not to rest until you find solutions that fit you as the unique person you are.

Brian and Owen suggest is that you listen as much as you question and to refuse to take things at face value but not in a negative way. To do it in a healthy way, to remain open, positive and optimistic and you will find your own brand of self-help, self- recovery and mental fortitude.

‘’As recovering Neurotics and part-time Narcissists YOU need to hear our story!’’

In this book you are invited to walk through the darker and more vulnerable corridors of Brian and Owens experience with the aim of demonstrating that it is their humanity that allows them to get through.

Life is S##t you know it and we know it but…

Brian and Owen also acknowledge that life can be tough, but it is your capacity to handle the challenges head on—with cynicism and a healthy sense of humour—that allows you to reach deep within and unleash a powerful energy with which can turn things around.

This is no ordinary Self Help Book!

The Book itself is divided into 10 chapters (excluding the Pre-Chapter).

Pre-Chapter: We are your Gurus

Chapter 1: Feeling Vulnerable

Chapter 2: Feeling Anxious

Chapter 3: Feeling Sad

Chapter 4: Feeling Guilty

Chapter 5: Feeling Lonely

Chapter 6: Feeling Overwhelmed

Chapter 7: Feeling Not Good Enough

Chapter 8: Feeling Uncertain

Chapter 9: Feeling Stuck

Chapter 10: Feeling Angry

Finale: Your Outcome is our Income


The Cynical Optimists best rules for living ever!

Each topic is introduced and covered at first to a larger degree by either Brian or Owen in a relatively formal manner. In it the reader is offered unique insights, tools, tips and strategies for use.

Following that each chapter is closed off with transcripts of recorded discussions/debates by both Brian and Owen as to how they apply what they know to their own personal circumstances.

The book acts as a fly on the wall approach to very deep personal conversations of two experts in the field of Self Help.

Buy the book and convince us that we are your Gurus!

This is our last chance to convince ourselves that our life is meaningful please feel free to buy the book out of sympathy for us.

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