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The tools of Peak Performance!

Three exciting hypnotic audios that contain three of the core fundamentals of success. The ability to be able to be creative, the capacity to demonstrate your passion with confidence and the ability to stay motivated!

Category: Motivation
Title: Motivation

Get that Fired Up Feeling to Get Going Get Busy and Get Doing!
You know what it feels like to feel bored, listless, and distracted allowing the hours dwindle away into oblivion and feeling guilty because of it. This powerful hypnotic audio can change all that. As you listen and relax you will find yourself feeling compelled to get going, get busy to plough through your priorities without stress and start creating the results you were born to achieve!

Category: Public Speaking/Presentations/Confidence
Title: Perfect Pitch

Speaking with confidence and creating the right impression
Important Presentation coming up? Hampered by nerves and lack of confidence? Do you need to be at your best? This powerful hypnotic cd will help you to relax, gain perspective, plan, prepare and present with confidence during that all important public speaking engagement or presentation. You can look forward to feeling that pride of being able to deliver with confidence, handle questions professionally and deal with those objections eloquently and so reap the rewards of a job well done!

Category: Creativity
Title: Imagine

Ignite your imagination by thinking outside of the box
Relax and revel while your mind is subtly programmed to release your imagination as you learn how to navigate, sculpt, craft, create and manifest. Become entranced as your unconscious mind takes more of the responsibility for guiding and directing your thoughts. Einstein, Edison, Mozart and Tesla all spoke of entering a ‘non-ordinary state of consciousness’ where ideas just seemed to flow in abundance. As you learning to think as they did, the only question that remains is just what will you do with this newfound skill?

The audios are best listened to while wearing headphones either sitting or lying down in comfortable place free from any disturbances.

For best effects, each audio should be listened to once daily for at least two weeks and thereafter as often as desired.

By Brian Colbert
Running time per individual audio: 24 mins
Music: Brian O Mahoney

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