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Study Collection
Finding the fire to get focussed and get doing!
You know what it’s like and you know when It’s time to knuckle down place your eyes on the prize. It’s time to create your better future with these 3hypnotic audios!

Category: Study
Title: Study Success

Settle down Focus in and Get those Results!
Most of need to focus and study for something at some stage, if you are at a point where you need to really focus on the task at hand and may have found yourself being overwhelmed and not knowing even where to begin. This effective hypnotic audio will help you to relax, prioritise, focus get perspective and activate your natural capacity for learning memory and recall.

Category: Focus
Title: Focus

Getting Done What Matters Most
We live at a time where distraction is at its height especially in this digital age and our attention is constantly being pulled from pillar to post. The result, we lose track of priorities. This hypnotic audio is designed to get you focussed on what matters most, on the things that are most important to you and will help you to focus on that time sensitive deadline, project or exam as it encourages you to focus like a laser beam and constantly track and hold yourself accountable for the results you want and deserve in your life.

Category: Motivation
Title: Motivation

Get that Fired Up Feeling to Get Going Get Busy and Get Doing!
You know what it feels like to feel bored, listless, and distracted allowing the hours dwindle away into oblivion and feeling guilty because of it. This powerful hypnotic audio can change all that. As you listen and relax you will find yourself feeling compelled to get going, get busy to plough through your priorities without stress and start creating the results you were born to achieve!

The audios are best listened to while wearing headphones either sitting or lying down in comfortable place free from any disturbances.

For best effects, each audio should be listened to once daily for at least two weeks and thereafter as often as desired.

By Brian Colbert
Running time per individual audio: 24 mins
Music: Brian O Mahoney
Format: CD

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