Mind Whispers Series

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Mind Whispers Series
All you need to be at your best!

Seven effective hypnotic audios created to deal swiftly with some of life’s greatest challenges and have you at your best more often so that you can create for yourself the life you deserve with ease and confidence!

Category: Health and Well Being
Title: Increasing Comfort

Relief from continuous discomfort or pain
Pain getting you down? Not able to do what you need to get done? Would you like some respite? Hypnosis has long been a popular choice for pain reduction and relief. This recording has been prepared to increase your levels of comfort and so promote wellbeing and health. As you listen you will be given a number of mental exercises and all you need do is the best that you can. Afterwards my sincere wish for you is that you’ll feel better, you’ll feel more comfortable and a lot more in control.

Category: Creativity
Title: Imagine

Ignite your imagination by thinking outside of the box
Relax and revel while your mind is subtly programmed to release your imagination as you learn how to navigate, sculpt, craft, create and manifest. Become entranced as your unconscious mind takes more of the responsibility for guiding and directing your thoughts. Einstein, Edison, Mozart and Tesla all spoke of entering a ‘non-ordinary state of consciousness’ where ideas just seemed to flow in abundance. As you learning to think as they did, the only question that remains is just what will you do with this newfound skill?

Category: Stress Management
Title: Sanctuary

Remove Tension, Increase Relaxation and Regain Control of your Life
Life not going according to plan? Finding it hard to get on top of things? Need a break from it all? There are times when you need to see the wood from the trees. When this happens, it makes sense to hand over your problems for your unconscious, so sit back and allow yourself to delve deeply into that much-needed rest. Enjoy the release of all that pent-up tension as you are guided into a deep state of hypnosis which will enable you to come back with fresher eyes, a clearer mind, a fresh perspective and perhaps even a few good ideas that will get you through.

Category: Sleep
Title: Sleep Deeply

Quieten down the thought Traffic and Sleep like a baby
Tired of restless nights? Lying wide awake twisting and turning? Fed up of dealing with an overactive mind? This soothing hypnotic lullaby will rid your mind of tension so that you can give yourself permission to drift into the welcoming arms of sleep. Relax and enjoy as you are enveloped by beautiful soundscapes and hypnotic suggestion as your mind is mesmerised into a sound safe deep sleep where you will awaken in the morning feeling fully refreshed, alive and ready for the day ahead.

Category: Public Speaking / Presentations / Confidence
Title: Perfect Pitch

Speaking with confidence and creating the right impression
Important Presentation coming up? Hampered by nerves and lack of confidence? Do you need to be at your best? This powerful hypnotic cd will help you to relax, gain perspective, plan, prepare and present with confidence during that all important public speaking engagement or presentation. You can look forward to feeling that pride of being able to deliver with confidence, handle questions professionally and deal with those objections eloquently and so reap the rewards of a job well done!

Category: Resilience
Title: Resilience

Finding the inner strength to keep going!
Circumstances pulling you down? Finding it hard to stay ahead? Would you like to rebuild the inner strength to recover? Staying ahead can be challenging at best but by gaining access to your unconscious mind you can re-engage and respond resourcefully and powerfully with new thoughts, stronger feelings, and fresh responses. This audio is designed to shut out all those unhelpful distractions and to re-introduce hope and inspiration by realigning your mind into a healthy space.

Category: New Beginnings
Title: Closure

Free yourself from what’s holding you back!
Do you feel trapped by your past? Are you burdened by feelings of negativity? Would you like to be able to move on? Everyone deserves a second chance and many of us could do with a new beginning. This can be your time to begin to give yourself that opportunity. To wipe the slate clean and start again. To rid yourself of what’s holding you back, to take the weight of your mind and begin to move forward and take back control of your life again.

The audios are best listened to while wearing headphones either sitting or lying down in comfortable place free from any disturbances.

For best effects, each audio should be listened to once daily for at least two weeks and thereafter as often as desired.

By Brian Colbert
Running time per individual audio: 25 mins
Music: Brian O Mahoney
Format: CD

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