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For Her

Feel Good Look Good and Get Creative!
These 3 hypnotic audios put you back in control and get your creative juices flowing!

Category: Relationships
Title: Man Magnet

Become Confident Get Noticed and Start to Connect
Want to feel more attractive and confident? Like to turn a few heads when you enter the room? Does the idea of getting the right kind of male attention interest you? This remarkably effective and naughty hypnotic CD will assist you to move past self-consciousness and help you relax, be confident and enjoy male attention. But be warned it may even unleash a natural but more daring side of you.

Warning: only for the open minded

Category: Weight Management
Title: Slim to Thin

Get motivated, lose Weight and feel good!
Want to lose weight more easily? Like to become slimmer and healthier? Ever over-eat when you know you shouldn’t? If this is you, then this powerful hypnotic cd will help you to build the motivation and mental focus to help you get on track and stay on track so that you can reach your desired weight and feel good as you do.

Category: Altered States
Title: Trance Tripping

Time to Turn on, tune in and Drop into Bliss!
If you are interested in a substance free high? If you like to alter your consciousness but in a safe way? Then this controversial edgy recreational hypnotic cd has been designed with the combined 'experiences' and 'mental trips' in mind to help you push to the outer edges of conventional consciousness and playfully examine the depths of your inner world. Imagine dipping into the flavours of past euphoria’s and being whisked away on the shape shifting shamanic journeying contained within. The doors of perception have been open wide for you to enjoy!
The audios are best listened to while wearing headphones either sitting or lying down in comfortable place free from any disturbances.
For best effects, each audio should be listened to once daily for at least two weeks and thereafter as often as desired.

by Brian Colbert & Deirdra Robinson
Running time per individual audio: 30 mins
Music: Shoot from the Hyp
Format: CD

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